How Interns Access the iPiPE Intern Website
and the iPiPE Blog

To be able to access the iPiPE Intern Website and contribute to the iPiPE Blog Interns need to have a Google+ Account. 

If you do not have a Google+ account:
      1. Go to and click “Create An Account” on the top right.
      2. Fill in your info and click “Next Step.”
      3. At this point, you can add a profile photo.  Choosing a profile photo enables you to be recognized across the web. Once you’ve selected and adjusted your profile photo, click “Next Step.”
      4. You now have a Google+ account!
Once you have a Google+ account contact the Outreach and Educational Website Administrator, Annalisa Ariatti ( who who will grant you permission to access the iPiPE Intern Website and will send you an invitation to join the iPiPE Blog.

How to Access the Resources